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Grow now, not later

Your sales messaging gets ignored, beacause you have nothing good to say...

We help B2B businesses

Save time on tedious prospecting to allow focus on what they're good at, closing deals

Diamonds we've activated for our clients

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Too many companies have been burned by overpromising agencies...

Talk is cheap, here's action

Case study: HR Plus - Ensuring only quality meetings


HR Plus is a respected human resource consulting firm in Finland. With the company's references and recognition in good order, campaigns are also much more effective.

Before collaboration, HR Plus did not have any ongoing outbound sales. NbrLeads implemented the technical setup of emails and the creation of   outbound campaigns as a full-service package.

This also included the identification of the ideal prospect. All contacts are well-targeted, ensuring the high quality of meetings as well.

From the very first campaign, HR Plus instantly saw result and got a new customer


Case study: Etufillari - Good offer = insane results


Etufillari is a job bicycle provider, working with some of the biggest companies in Finland.

They didn't have time to do outbound sales, since the offer was just growing too fast even from inbound leads.

We created a wild.. campaign for them, one of our best yet. Booking almost too many meetings to handle, and leading to multiple closed deals with  some of the largest companies in Finland.


Case study: Jaksomedia- Transforming an offer for outbound


Jaksomedia is a podcast producing company.

We helped them reframe their offer suitable for outbound messaging, with creative personalizations, and offer value proposition reframing.

Our magic quickly booked them 10+ qualified sales meetings


Dozens of qualified sales leads in your inbox

Scale in new markets or grow in home.

We provide you with domestic or international sales leads, you just worry about closing them.

Performance based pricing


This eliminates risk for you. We know our value, if you dont eat, we dont eat...

Experts in automated outreach

We are experienced in outreach campaigns and can work with businesses from any industry where it makes sense.


Using AI-assisted E-mail campaigns, we will proactively contact your company's potential B2B customers on your behalf and generate a guaranteed number of new leads. This is how you can find the hidden diamonds that wouldn’t find their way to you. 

How NbrLeads process works





The start of our 2-week onboarding process. We delve into your company and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), establishing a solid foundation for your growth

Collecting data

Based on your ideal prospect, a list of suitable contacts is built. We target the most promising prospects for your business, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

Email scripts

Our experts craft compelling on-brand email scripts that capture interest and spark conversations.




Consistent lead flow

We build a solid cold email infrastructure, taking care of the technical set-up.

Transition to Your Sales Team

We book the meetings, and that’s where your team steps in, doing what they do best: closing deals.

Optimizing & Scaling

We constantly refine, AB/Test and enlarge your campaign, adjusting to feedback and performance metrics for maximal results.


Getting started is fast

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